Saturday, July 3, 2010

Week Four of Summer 2010!

And The Combine is back after a week off! This week I played a lot of new music and including some tracks from a few of the groups currently on the Vans Warped Tour and Summer Slaughter tour. I also announced a bunch of great shows coming up in the next few months. Mitch Lucker of Suicide Silence and Commissioner gave us a twitter shout-out which was pretty rad. (Are you following @thecombinerocks yet??). Whitechapel interview with Alex Wade to be posted soon, stay tuned! See you next Friday!

"Deadweight" Parkway Drive, Deep Blue
"Miseries of the Flesh" Razormaze, Miseries EP
"Thrashaholic" Gama Bomb, Citizen Brain
"Future Shock" Toxic Holocaust, An Overdose Of Death
"The Higler" Veil of Maya, [id]
"The Fractal Effect" After The Burial, Rareform (Re-release)
"Entrapment" Meshuggah, Catch Thirty-Three
"Zombie" Vortice, Zombie
"I'm Charming" The Black Dahlia Murder, Miasma
"Unto Others" At the Gates, Slaughter of the Soul
"Unleash Hell" Vital Remains, Dechristianize
"Sacrifice Unto Sebek" Nile, Annihilation Of The Wicked
"The Purge" Immolation, Majesty and Decay
"Consume" Commissioner, Single
"There Will Be Violence" Impending Doom, There Will Be Violence
"Offspring of Time" Burning The Masses, Offspring of Time
"Stick Tight" Terror, Keepers of the Faith
"Higher Learning" Down To Nothing, The Most
"Begin Descension" Cruel Hand, Prying Eyes
"Indian Theme" Mastodon, Jonah Hex EP
"Reprogrammed To Hate" Whitechapel, A New Era of Corruption
"W.A.L.L.S." The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza, Danza III: The Series of Unfortunate Events
"Modern Age Slavery" Beneath The Massacre, Mechanics Of Dysfunction
"Nigeria" Stray From The Path, Make Your Own History
"No Son Of Mine" Every Time I Die, The Big Dirty
"Diamonds Aren't Forever" Bring Me The Horizon, Suicide Season
"Girl Of Glass" Suicide Silence, The Cleansing
"Jonestown" The Acacia Strain, Wormwood
"Behaving Badly" Animals As Leaders, Animals As Leaders
"Heaven in Her Arms" Converge, Jane Doe
"Confined" As I Lay Dying, Shadows Are Security
"Funerapolis" Electric Wizard, Dopethrone

Check out Stray From The Path's new video for "Damien" below, it was made on a budget of $82 with the help of their friends, and it looks pretty cool. They'll be playing Transmission Fest at the Palladium in Worcester on August 7.