Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Summer Update - Good News!

Well it's official, THE COMBINE will be on-air all summer long! Just got the official ok from management. Unfortunately due to an upcoming concert this Friday and some work-related obligations the following Friday, THE COMBINE will not be back on-air until the first week of June. But hey, that's only 2 weeks away! The good news is THE COMBINE is here to stay, enjoy the next few weeks, rest your neck because you're gonna need it for some serious headbanging come June when I'm back on-air! Horns high!


As always here's a cool video the check out. This one comes from Four Year Strong who I'll be seeing this Friday with The Acacia Strain in New Hampshire for the first ever "New England Spring Bash." These Worcester locals blend pop-punk with just a bit of hardcore that makes for some infectious tunes. Check out their video for "Bada Bing, Wit A Pipe!" here.. (bo
o embedding disabled!)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Week Ten Semester 2 Update

Yesterday marked the official last installment of The Combine for the Spring 2010 semester here at Emerson College where we broadcast from. Given that I'll be living in Boston all summer, I've spoken with WECB management and *fingers crossed* hopefully they'll be giving me the go-ahead soon to do The Combine all summer long as well. I'll keep you posted.

Today's show was crazy to say the least. I gave away some sweet WECB sunglasses and stickers with a "SLAYER RULES!" instant messenger challenge to winner Andrea of New Jersey, congrats Andrea! I also tried to get someone to muster up the courage to sing some Iron Maiden on air. No one was brave enough for that one though, haha.

Also the gentlemen of Ohio's Karen Page gave us their best Randy Blythe and Phil Anselmo impressions on air when they gave the WECB studio a phone call. Karen Page, American trollcore.

Check back soon for updates regarding the status of the show over the summer months.

The Combine on WECB 4/30/2010

"Totala Mad" Periphery, Periphery
"A Steady Decline" After The Burial, Forging A Future Self
"Stay Puft" The Acacia Strain, Continent (B Side)
"Father Of Lies" Whitechapel, This Is Exile
"Embedded" Job For A Cowboy, Genesis
"Sons Of Belial" The Faceless, Planetary Duality
"Mortality As Home Entertainment" Karen Page, Karen Page
"Pirates" Derelict, Unspoken Words
"Creatures of the Mire" Woe of Tyrants, Threnody
"Abandon Hope" Malefice, Dawn Of Reprisal
"Ghost Town" Charred Walls of the Damned, Charred Walls of the Damned
"Call of the Hammer" 3 Inches of Blood, Here Waits Thy Doom
"Miseries of the Flesh" Razormaze, Miseries
"Wolves of Chernobyl" Municipal Waste, Massive Aggressive
"Scorched Earth" Warbringer, Waking Into Nightmares
"Crusher Destroyer" Mastodon, Remission
"The Gnashing" Baroness, Blue Record
"Live For The Kill" Amon Amarth, Twilight Of The Thunder God
"Bloodstained Ground" Eluveitie, Slania
"Priests of Sodom" Cannibal Corpse, Evisceration Plague
"Torch of War" Vader, Revelations
"The Rapture of Ghosts" Immolation, Majesty and Decay
"Seven" Necrophagist, Epitaph
"The Icebox" Karen Page, Karen Page
"You Gonna Buy The Beer Or The Whole Damn Bar" The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza, Danza II: The Electric Boogaloo

Today's show was pretty much all metal stuff, so for all my hardcore fans you can check out this new video from Trapped Under Ice. Great stuff. Hardcore lives!