Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Welcome to the official accompanying blog of WECB's THE COMBINE. Airing every Saturday afternoon from 2-4 PM the show will feature an eclectic mix of metal music as well as news regarding the metal community, local shows and tours, and hopefully some band interviews. To tune in you can stream online live at wecb.emerson.edu, or if you happen to be an Emerson student on campus just listen on channel 65 on your dorm room t.v.

This blog will feature a playlist of each week's songs as well as album reviews, artist interviews, random clips from youtube that I feel are worth your time, etc. Basically THE COMBINE blog will exist as an extension of the show that'll let you follow up on bands you might've never heard before and that sort of thing. The show also as a presence on Facebook with a group entitled "THE COMBINE on WECB," so if you're a Facebook nerd you can follow the show their as well and posts requests and such.

Looking forward to a great semester,